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Alta is maybe the most serious ski mountain in America. Steep. Very, very steep. And somewhat snowy. We’re here – grandparents, kids and grandchildren – in a house high on the mountain which you can only reach by snow cat. No going to restaurants, no shopping…just ski like lunatics and eat in. Lots of sleep too.

It snowed 18" last night and the road to the resort was closed. We’re off in blinding snow at 9 a.m. and skiing hard. I would not dream of going out on such a day but the kids are determined. And it turns out to be major fun. Very hard and very fun.

Okay, one of the major reasons to do this exercise torture is that you can do stuff like this. Play hard with three generations…no waiting. Biking works this way too…lots of things. Try it. Get in decent shape and go do something tough with your kids. Maybe your grandkids.

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