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Toward the end of today’s bike ride (on a very easy rail trail on a perfect day), some doofus went flying by me on a 30 pound mountain bike with the seat too low and his handle bars up around his ears.  WHAT THE…!?!   Sure, he was young but still, this was an outrage. I put my feet down hard and caught up… went along just behind him for a ways, agape. Got to a town and he stopped and got off.  Me too.  “You are some strong biker,” I said cordially. “That is a pretty heavy bike”…. He said, sweetly, “Well, I have already come 50 miles and I have 35 to go. So I have to keep my speed up.”

Oh! Oh, I see. This clunker-riding loser has already ridden 50 miles and is doing another 35 so of course he has to be a lot faster than me on my $250,000 clipper.

Makes sense.

No it doesn’t!  This is an outrage.  I shyly show him my bike… he picks it up.  I take his and try to pick it up.  Heavy.  Very heavy.

“Wow,” I say, truly impressed that he can move this sucker, “You are strong.”

“Yes,” he says, “but it is easier because I have a little motor.”

Oho! He has a little motor.  This clunker is in fact a motor cycle. Huh. Never mind, he loves it. Says it is such a help in the hills.  And you can do 25 mph without pumping at all.  He says there are already some 2 million of em on the road in Europe.

Actually some pals of mine have suggested that this is the new new thing, especially as you get a teeny bit older. And I should try it.

Maybe. Maybe after I have all my teeth pulled out, to save weight. And have a bike Cyclist_tnbthat weighs ten pounds and has 50 gears. Then we’ll see.

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  1. Jonathan Evans

    Hi, Chris and Harry.
    Let me start by saying I love, love, love YNY, which was suggested to me by a buddy at my local athletic club. I’ve had the greatest time reading it (see my Facebook comment to the right), and it has given me renewed enthusiasm for my workout routine, which includes upper and lower body weight training (on different days) and interval work on the elliptical machine.

    Having said all that, it seems to me that there’s a piece of the puzzle you’ve missed: bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. There are numerous places in the book where you say that nothing can be done about certain facets of aging, such as waning libido and other conditions. Yet, there is considerable evidence that supplemental testosterone, when testing indicates the need for it, can be helpful. I’m not a doctor, so I’m relying on the work of Dr. Jonathan Wright and others. Dr. Wright has been treating men and women with bioidentical hormones for more than a quarter-century with great success. The bioidentical part is crucial here. Copying what nature intended enables you to avoid all the nasty side effects of patented space-alien molecules that the drug companies have come up with.


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    Ines Nido

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