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I’m giving a whopping five keynote talks this month, from Phoenix to Aspen to Key Biscayne to Charlottesville (my 50th U.Va.  Law School reunion) to Napa.  Oh boy.
In Aspen now for one of our lovely Aspen Club Retreats. SUCH  a treat. Was hiking in the hills this morning, to get ready and some guy calls my name. Turns out he came to a YPO talk in Milwaukee a while ago, liked it,  and now he’s here for the Retreat. The COMMUNITY of YNY people is such a great bunch. And so supportive.The YNY Community  was expanded, big time, last week in Phoenix to include the writer/speaker/educator, HARVEY MACKAY, author of How to Swim With the Sharks Without Getting Eaten Alive and a bunch of others (over 7  million sold). It was his ROUNDTABLE and a major honor for me. At the event – along with a bunch of superstar business folk – was Dave Winfield, Hall of Fame Yankee slugger and a lovely guy. I do not think he learned a hell of a lot about fitness from me. He is still in superb shape. As is Harvey, who is my age. Harvey is a) starting a new, on-line business school, b) speaking constantly to major corporations AND  c) running half marathons. I am in awe.  And I  learned some important stuff from him (watch for my next Fortnightly).  Wonderful guy…nice few days… nice month.  Life is shamefully short but not bad, by heaven. Not bad. Chris

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