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I insist that travel does not present that big a hindrance to exercise. Well, yes and no. If you’re up at six to catch a plane, you’re not going to exercise that morning. And if you arrive someplace, whipped, eight hour later, there’s a risk that you won’t exercise that afternoon either.

A couple of thoughts: you may have to bag it on the actual travel day. Try not to but it happens. What you can do is resist the temptation to let it slide the whole damn trip. Almost all hotels have some kind of a fitness center. I just arrived at one in Palm Springs California that does not, but the hotel across the street has a pretty good one for ten bucks a day. And tomorrow, I hope to go climb one of the local mountains before I give my speach to the federal judges whom I’ve been brought in to lecture. We’ll see how it goes but in theory that’s an awfully nice idea…get some exercise….see the local sights….get the hell out of the gym.

And even on the travel days, you feel so much better if you do this stuff. I’ve been on the road all day today and dragged myself into the gym, rather than going to sleep. Feel nice. Might have flt as goo with a decent nap too, but my guess is this is better. And tomorrow, up the mountains. oh boy.

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