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I went to my friend, Michael’s, bike store in Millerton N.Y. yesterday to look for a good bike for a pal who’s riding an old beater. I am meeting his train at noon today and dragging him straight to the bike store…bully him into getting something decent.Time he moved up.

But the point is that I am astonished at how good some of the middle priced bikes are. There is an aluminum bike – but with carbon-fiber stays to dampen the vibration that is the curse of aluminum – for about $1200 that is a sensational deal. With decent Shimano gearing too. And for $2300 – which is a healthy pop, obviously, but not ridiculous – you can get a marvelous, all-carbon fiber bike with good Campangnola gearing. Those are moderate prices for a pair of sensational bikes.

And now is the time for it. In the springtime of the year…maybe the springtime of your old age. Join Harry in an upgrade. Harry has three weeks to wait before his custom made Serotta and we are all agog. His bike was not cheap, for sure, but it will be when he amortizes it over the 26 years he’ll ride it.

Get yourself a decent bike and it will act as a wonderful "kedge" to pull you out of the armchair and onto the road. Right now, when you need it.

If you have had good – or bad – experiences with a new bike lately, let us know.

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