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Poured a gallon of boiling water on foot ten days ago. Bad idea. Huge blisters and, in due time, infection, pain and shame. NOT POINT OF STORY, HOWEVER. Painful foot caused limp. Limp, in amazingly short time, caused very painful left knee, because walking funny on sore foot. Ancient story and very sad. Assumed would eventually
lose leg to surgeon etc. Not a bit of it. Decided yesterday to say Screw It and went for 20 mile bike ride. At end, foot still hurt but KNEE MIRACULOUSLY CURED! Answer: biking (correctly) “TRUES YOUR JOINTS”… it gets you back in alignment. Such a sweet miracle. AND you don’t have to pour boiling water on your foot to get the benefits. It works all the time, whether your knee is buggered up of not.

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  1. Hi,
    I have found eliminating grains with gluten in them from my diet also made a big difference with my joints and pain because gluten(whether you are intolerant or not) is not good for you. It causes inflammation all through the body through the way it is processed in our systems.

    Since eliminating gluten products there is less swelling around my joints and it is easier to climb stairs and do exercises, to move about in general. I no longer get headaches and I have more energy which naturally allows me to exercise more just by being more active through the day, not to mention I have lost 20 lbs. This too makes it easier to exercise

    • Eliminating gluten usually means a lot varied foods are also inadvertently eliminated. Great this worked but blanket statements that gluten is BAD with not evidence other than a case study of one is BAD science.

      • administrator

        As you know we agree.

        • Heather

          I have celiac and I agree it’s bad science. Don’t eliminate gluten unless you have to. It’s a hard life to lead and makes traveling ridiculously difficult. Gluten didn’t cause the problem. A foot injury affecting the knee caused it. People want to blame gluten for everything nowadays. If I could eat gluten without getting deathly ill I would.

  2. Glad you’re feeling better and thanks for the tip!! Your post is timely. My husband and I spent the morning re-reviewing exerpts from “Thinner This Year” and getting reinspired. 🙂

  3. Diana Diamond

    My husband ‘s trainer has been touting Tim Anderson, who has a YouTube site. Check it out. It seems a bit weird to me. He says crawl like a baby to reset yourself. And other stuff.

    I once sent you information on hip exercises that I have subsequently found helpful myself. I took up recumbent gym bike exercise during the time my hip hurt, and I did less treadmill and outside walking. With 45 minutes bike and row machine, I find my creaky knees much improved! So much better than prescription pain cream.

    Sorry about painful foot:)



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