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Up at 3 a.m. … go to Battery Park to drop daughter Ranie and her husband Jorge so she can SWIM AROUND MANHATTAN!! 28 miles, with the tide both ways, we hope.  Jorge rides in the control boat. SUCH a kick…. Then down to Pier A, further south to see ten people actually jump in the water. A count down and they’re off!

If she should happen to complete this, it will be a “Triple Crown” consisting of The English Channel, the Catalina to the coast and this swim. FEWER THAN 100 PEOPLE HAVE DONE THAT. SHE MAY BECOME ONE OF THEM. OH BOY!

Now Hilly and I change at the apartment and drive to meet Andy Baron, our dentist (who fixed an emergency bad tooth for Ranie on his day off yesterday) and a pal of his with a sailboat… we’ll sail down the Hudson for that leg of the swim. How sweet is that?!

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  1. Marty Mathis

    Very stud like.

  2. Jim Graves

    She can ski a bit too.

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