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twitter session with Jen today at 3 p.m.

Hi  Our publisher, Workman, has cleverly arranged a Twitter Session at three this afternoon (Eastern time)  with me, my beloved co-author, Jen Sacheck and, we hope, you. Join us  for a Twitter chat on 8/7 @ 3pm ET – use #ThinnerThisYr on Twitter to ask questions and follow along for Nutrition & Fitness tips and smart chat. ! By my modest standards, this is the height of Social Media coolness. Hope you’ll chip in.

By the way, we’re doing this from a quiet cove on Mt Desert in way eat Maine… not  a house in sight….just ocean, hills and lots of gulls. Oh boy. Also great biking up here. Chris

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  1. Jeff Johnson

    Mr. Crowely:

    Remember what you said in the women’s version of Younger Next Year about healthy looking women being prettier than women who don’t exercise/take care of themselves? Mr. Crowely, you are absolutely true! Wow! I went to a professional tennis tournament this past week in Mason, Ohio and ran into this amazing, beautiful, older woman (probably in her 50’s) who CLEARLY works out and takes care of herself. You know how people will say things about an older woman such as, “She looks pretty good for 45” or “She is beautiful for being in her 50’s”? You do not have to say things like this regarding this woman! lol…She was so hot that I couldnt take my eyes off of her. I was sorry to hear that she was married. I actually asked her what she does for her exercise regimen (in the hope of learning something new for myself), and she said she has consistently worked out since she was 16 and eats healthy. No exaggeration, her BODY looked toned and lean. Hot! She looked better than women half her age. Notice I didnt say she looked like she was in her twenties. Thanks for opening up my mind to how wonderful older women can look if they simply do what you’re describing.


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