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This beauty, sitting on our front stoop, is a Hubbard Squash. Dunno who Hubbard was but he made a damn fine squash. Ugly, you know, but the tastiest of all squashes. No one cooks em cause it looks so hard. It is only somewhat hard. The great trick is to buy a huge ricer. Then it goes like this.
Cut the sucker up in big chunks and boil in a huge pot till tender. Do not be a dope and try to peel it…cook with skin on. Don’t cook to mush; we’ll get to mush later. Then put on a sturdy mitt, because it’s still hot and pick up a piece of cooked squash and scrape the meat off (is that easier than peeling in advance? You bet!) Okay, now rice this stuff. Good for you. Not easy but not impossible. Now add a ton of butter and some brown sugar. Now beat like crazy. I use a big Kitchen Aid mixer. Salt and pepper generously. Yummeroo!
Okay it was a little harder than I said. But if you start now, it’ll be ready by Thanksgiving
I made it this weekend and got a vast amount of praise. C.

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