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This is a shot from the last Retreat in Aspen. (Those are the fabled Maroon Bells behind us. ) The guy in the pic who is not 82 is blazing hot scientist and entrepreneur from Israel. I took a major shine to him. (Super smart and good fun. He’d heard about YNY in Tel Aviv, if you please.) But I was mildly alarmed when he came up to me and started running a finger up my cheek.

You know, odd. Then damned if he didn’t crouch down and do the same to my leg. What the hell?

Remarkable, he says at last. I am a great student of circulation and related things like skin. Yeah? I say. Yes, he says. And you have the skin of a 50 year old!

Oh, I say. My concern has fled and I’m wagging my tail like a golden retriever. Yes, he goes on, apparently serious and apparently impressed. It’s the aerobic exercise.
Aha! Actually I do know that from my amazing dermatologist, Robyn GMYREK. Aerobics is the great key.
NEWS FLASH All those skin creams and such do almost no good. The key to decent skin is serious steady aerobic exercise. Who knew!

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