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So it’s cold out here in the Berkshires. Just 20 degees this morning. But I am sick of the stinking gym… and it’s a beautiful, clear day, albeit cold. And windy.

We are blessed with a great closed-dirt-road hike up a long hill (1 1/2 hours to top) so bundle up as if to ski and off we go. With the heart-broken Havanese, who eventually got into it too. Perfect. We only went up about 50 minutes, but heaven. SO lucky to have a hill. And to be un-terrified of the cold. Wish we’d worn those skid-preventer things (stabilicers) so not so scared on ice b ut hey,… worth it. Heart rate in mid 70s on the way up… almost 60 on the way down. Lots of balance… cross training. And so beautiful it made your teeth ache.

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