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Here’s a tip that will be of interest to approximately one in 2 million souls: when it is raining too hard to go out on your bike (I sometimes bike in the rain, if I get caught, but I never START in the rain) jump into that single scull or kayak or whatever water-craft.

There was a warm rain in the Berkshires this morning and – after a false start for the gym – I went, with some reluctance, to the boat house. Excellent idea. The rain was warm, not torential, and it didn’t make a bit of difference to the rowing. Did wear a little more (including rain pants) but it doesn’t take much. There was zero impact on the movement or the workout, and the sights were eerily beautiful. I felt a slight kinship with this huge, gray crane that did a couple of passes over my boat…both of us out there in the grayness. Not bad. It will be winter soon enough….gotta go outside when you can.

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