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We’re Earning It

My wonderful skin doc asked me the other day if I wanted to Botox the wrinkles around my mouth for television appearances next January… look a little younger for TV. I scratched my head about it, surprised… asked Hilary. And we decided No. Didn’t think there was anything wrong with Botox… just thought, Hey, the deal’s the deal. We earned our faces: stick ’em out there. Not gonna start worrying about that at this stage. What do you all think?

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  1. Francois

    Think about what the “tox” is in botox. There are still concerns about botox’s ability to affect other parts of the body beyond the site of injection. You’re committed to practices that support a long and healthy life. Injections of a toxin shouldn’t be on that list.

  2. Colly Tettelbach

    The younger generation needs to see older people who are vibrant, healthy, energetic and wrinkled. The obsession with trying to banish the normal signs of aging has got to stop. Aging should be a crowning achievement of a life well lived–and it should show.

  3. Let’s be honest. I’ve seen people who look great after good plastic surgery.


    Nah, not for me either! Stick with what you have…and, be grateful!

  5. I really appreciate your perspective! i’m only 32 and women around me are having “work” done all of the time. i am all for looking and feeling the best version of your current (and natural) self – and having grace for that ‘current’ part of your current self. The deal is indeed the deal. Thanks!

  6. I think a healthy body/mind radiate health and beauty in the face. I have had a recent experience with a friend who needed botox (for other reasons). Within a few days he became agitated, sleepless and deeply depressed. Turns out, this is a well-known side effect of Botox in some small segment of population, that the drug reps don’t mention. The depression had to be medicated for several months. Botox is, after all, a deadly poison and paralyzant, even in miniscule amounts. So why would anyone inject it into their body, especially for only a cosmetic reason?

  7. Chris Crowley

    You got it!

    • tanya carlile

      Botox should be banned 😀 Shouldn’t we be encouraging people to feel confident about their looks and healthy bodies instead of feeding their fears and insecurities which is what the cosmetic plastic surgery business does whilst pumping them full of paralysing chemicals?. Interestingly it is my most attactive middle aged friends who have had botox and invasive plastic surgery. I don’t feel they look any.better on the contrary, they look ridiculous and permanantly surprised. It is totally bonkers, sick and very sad. I feel it is only going to get worse for the younger generations which is why I totally support the ‘Dove’ publicity campaign which is encouraging young girls to be comfortable with themselves, their looks and their bodies. check it out on you tube

    • Nancy Siegel

      Chris, as Mark Twain would say, “Wrinkles are merely indications of where smiles have been!” Love that you said, the deal’s the deal. I think our wrinkles are badges of honor. How cool would it be if we were encouraged to wear our badges proudly!!!!

  8. Holly VanLeuven

    On the other hand, if we took that approach with our aging bodies, many of us would be increasingly out of shape and growing fatter this year, not thinner. Consider going to a really excellent practitioner for a minimal facial refreshment. Most people who look like they have had work done, HAVE…and by someone not so good! As in most professions requiring both skill and artistry, some practitioners – even those with great reputations – simply flunk. Get a good one and you’ll be glad you did!

  9. Mike McCulley

    Chris, I also do long bike rides, and have always used gels, cliff bars, gatorade, etc for refueling(lots of sugary carbs). What do you use?
    Thanks Mike

  10. Allison

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  11. People who have “work done” usually look like, well, they’ve had work done. I almost always spot it right away and think it makes them look like a sub species or something. It almost never looks natural to me. I wonder why they feel the need to mutilate themselves to look good for others. It’s so sad to see people do that to themselves. You are right – exercise, diet and drinking lots of water is the key to robust health. Let the rest go south. It’s a natural part of aging.

    • Kathleen

      Could not agree with you more. My gosh, the women in my age group (60’s) who seem so desperate ….. and the work makes them look desperate … I feel sorry for them.

    • Chris Crowley

      I have some sympathy for people that have work done, but I am not going there. The deal is the deal. I’d rather live with it.

  12. Good for you Chris. Silly doctor!! Those aren’t wrinkles, they are smile tracks. I’m keeping mine too.

  13. Victoria Butler

    I think Botox would ruin that great, happy smiling face!

  14. Sherrye Gibbs

    Keep the beautiful face you have. He may be a wonderful skin doc … but he is in a business that likes repeat customers. SAY NO TO BOTOX!

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