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Life is a Treat

Sitting in a hotel room in St Paul Minnesota, looking down at the Mississippi (lots of single sculls going up and down). Did the elliptical in the hotel gym, as always. Now waiting to talk to 500 lawyers. Met the guy who suggested me just now…such a nice story. Got YNY a while ago… drank the Kool Ade. Quit drinking, started working out, gave up eating crap. Lost 35 pounds, changed his life. Led to other fundamental, good changes. Has given away 30 copies of the book. SUCH a good guy and such a break to have played a role in his life.
Same thing yesterday, in the airport. Guy comes up, are you Chris etc etc. Read the book, changed my life, thanks so much.  Can you IMAGINE what a treat that is!? I get blaze but not about this stuff. This is an unflagging honor. No joke.


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  1. Ray Long

    Chris, I enjoyed your writing style so much that I’ve ordered the Women’s version for “the girls” at work. I have one 60 year old in mind, but really, I think the principles discussed (in YNY) are applicable for any age, and even younger “sit-on-their-butters” would benefit from abandoning a sedentary lifestyle in favor of exercise… and would be motivated to do so once they understand the benefits.

  2. Polly Walker

    Love the book – a major motivation to get out and exercise and also pay attention to my social life. I am putting the ideas into practice even though I am age 70 already. Question: I have a science background and would love to have some references on the cytokine information in chapters 3 and 5.

  3. Tory Christian

    My husband was one of the lawyers who got to hear you speak! He brought home your book and I have read it from cover to cover–love it! Finally started training with my heart rate monitor because of your book–what an eye opener!

  4. Sandra LaClair

    And how sweet it is! I am well into Younger Next Year for Women and have begun exercise and weights, and I feel better already. it’s definitely changing my life. One comment on the sections regarding huge portions of “crap food” – the ever-increasing presence of “all-you-can-eat” buffets- now that is a horror and I started avoiding them even before starting the book. Later, I’m on my way to the pool now…

  5. Erin Porter

    Glad you’re in my town, wish I’d known! Probably busy with the 500 lawyers, though!

  6. Chris you have changed and are helping to change so many peoples lives for the GOOD!
    Now that is s w e e e e e e t !

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