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Wine Kedge

We’re just back from a terrific bike kedge in Burgundy. We signed up at the last minute because some wonderful deal emerged and we could almost afford it. Not quite but it was SO worth it.

35 pals, most of whom have been biking together, once a year, for over twenty years. One couple started it, way back then, and they have been making it happen ever since. And made a huge difference in a bunch of lives. A life lesson, by the way.

It wasn’t a real kedge in the sense of having to train for it and all that. Biking in Burgundy is rolling and plenty of exercise, but it ain’t the Rockies. Besides, Hilly and I exercise most days, so we were able to jump in and do okay. Another blessing of doing this YNY stuff: you are more or less ready for life, as it comes. The lodging was fancy (Relais and Chateau level digs), the food was to die for (and pretty healthy) and, yes , they had wine. A ton of wine. I am trying to cut back a hair these days, but not this trip. Oh, no. Such a treat.

I continue to think that biking is the single best aerobic exercise there is (rowing is better but who can do that?) And biking in France is about as good as it gets. Not a lot better than the Southern Berkshires (come to our October Retreat and find out), but, you know… the best in the world. Pretty good kedge. Pretty good life.

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