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A while back, we had an improbable-looking guy named “Biff” come to an Aspen Club/YNY Retreat. Improbable because he was at least fifty pounds over weight, he had a huge beer belly and he did not to look to be in good shape. Lovely guy and everyone leaned in to help him but it did not look promising. Frankly, he had been idle and a mess for a long time. Very successful in business but clueless about his own body. The Aspen hikes we do on these gigs were way beyond him. But he was determined and had a sweet spirit. He stayed in touch with several of us and – most important – he kept at it, hard.

He just wrote today to say (more than a year later, and after two Retreats) that he had made his tough goals. He had lost fifty pounds (Try that some time… SO hard); He lately had a check up: His blood pressure was normal (”Amazing” his doctor said), his PSA is negative, his A1C is normal and his cholesterol is fine. Just a remarkable achievement! All without meds… just different behavior. A lot different. His resting heart rate has gone from the high 80’s to the low 60’s. Oh boy. He’s coming to Colorado soon, to hike and climb. We should meet him at the border… with flags and banners. Welcome home, Biff! Welcome back to your real self!

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