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YNY Immersion Week High

Waking up in Paradise again (a hotel in Aspen with amazing views of the mountains – and

decent coffee). It’s Day Three of one of our YNY Total Immersion Weeks for people who

want to join the Revolution in Aging and truly learn the core stuff in Younger Next Year and

Thinner This Year. This is SUCH a kick in the pants. I am still learning like crazy (about

how to avoid a bad back, for life… how to really do critical strength training correctly… how

to live frankly) and our 15 guests sure are too. This place is so beautiful and the people

who come to these things are so terrific… not bad for “work.”

Sorry for the long infomercial, but I can’t help myself. This is major fun and I am so lucky –

as more than one guest has remarked – to have carved out a small role in The Revolution

(which is so satisfying) and doing stuff like this. Pretty good. Chris

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