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My pal David Bliss and I are still hard at it… especially David. And he   could use your help. We are working on a project, based on a review of thousands of emails and blog comments and so on in which readers report that the YNY books have “changed my life.” We are looking for more strong stories in that vein,  and would be delighted to hear from you. David is the front man in this effort and his email gives you a hint at his involvement.It is Ynybliss@gmail.com.  Do get in touch with him.
The idea came to us from a scanning of Amazon reader reviews of the books. I love them but have gotten used to the constant “you changed my life” theme because i have been seeing it for so long. David had not and they blew his socks off.
He is something of a professional in the field of “change”. He had been the CEO of a leading consulting firm which counseled CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies about changing corporate cultures… not easy… he is a knowledgeable student of the field. He said that the response of so many – with such profound change – was remarkable and said we should take a look… to see if there were any insights into how the writers had done it. So we could pass the tips along to others.  We hope it will lead to a stand-alone book and will help with THINNER NEXT YEAR, now underway.
Anyhow, it is an interesting and worthwhile project. We hope you will get in touch with David with your experiences and ideas, if you think they may be of use. Many thanks Chris and David.

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