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Just back from a trip to John’s Island, near Vero Beach Florida where I gave a talk – a bit of a rouser, frankly – to 485 enthusiastic members of a fancy golf and tennes club that just built a new fitness center. It is SO MUCH FUN to preach to a room like this, jammed to the rafters with a nifty crowd (average age probably 60) who still give a damn and “get it” about getting younger next year.

Sometimes I get down…think that this revolution in aging is going to slowly. Which it is. But then I do an event like this one – and see a bunch of them in the new gym the next couple of days – and my spirits soar again.

There IS a “community” out there of people who get it. It IS growing. And they DO spread the word. It’s too damn slow but it is happening. And it feels good. Perhaps I should Curb My Enthusiasm but the hell with it…this was fun. Old boys and girl at play, man. And a nice sight it is. UP THE REVOLUTION!

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