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So…it’s my 78th  birthday today. Is that bizzare  or what? My beloved co-author Jen called but didn’t remember which one it was. When I told her, she had the kindness to say, “That’s ridiculous! I think of you as a kid. ” Sweet woman. I remember when Hazard Gillespie, my law mentor, turned 70 and I asked him what it was like. “Oh!” he said impatiently, “It”s ridiculous. It has nothing to do with me.” Lovely line. Then he  hurried off  to live another thirty years. Pretty nice ones,  at that. Harry called too, the dear man. Had to leave a message and said he hoped we were out on a fifty mile bike ride. We weren’t… but a twenty… just like most days.   I talked to my friend and favorite author, Jim Salter, too. He is ten years older than I and he was a serious fighter pilot in the Korean War. He has always  been on different terms with death than most of us,  and he lights my path. “Don’t give it a thought,” he said, breezily. “You’ll be fine. Terrific, in fact. Nothing to it.” There you go; I am nuts about him.

I wouldn’t put it quite the way Hazard did…”nothing to do with me.”. I would boast that my being 78 (and being absolutely tickled and proud with my life) has everything to do with me – and Hilary and the kids and my friends and colleagues and this wild YNY community we all have. I am proud as punch to be 78 and living exactly the way we do.  The books, the talks, the  sporting life, the friends and entertaining… the intensity and fun. This past year has been one of the nicest … and the most intense… of my life. How good is that? And I sense that is is going to go on, about like this, for a longish time. You never know, but that’s how it looks. Because this here Revolution we’re peddling is SO right and so strong. This stuff WORKS and this life… this Third Act… is so terrific. My pal David Bliss and I were talking … about birthdays and aging and the Revolution. As some of you know, he has really drunk the  YNY Kool Aid and really changed his life. He says that, “Too many people dread the third act, after the kids are out of the nest and the main job has died down. And that’s nuts, he says. Being my age (68) and being Younger This Year by a lot… this is a wonderful time in my life. Perhaps the best yet.”  And I think he’s right. Is there some bad stuff coming eventually?I guess so. But not today. Not this week and not this year or ten. For now, life is sweet. It is everything that Harry and Jen and I have told you… and much much more. It is better than we said. There you go. Chris

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  1. Molly Helm

    Your belated birthday limerick:

    The inspiring (and quite clever) author named Chris–
    he celebrates each year with more bliss.
    His message of cheer
    is we can be Younger Next Year!
    With a few changes–and sweat–we will do this!

  2. Louise Brown-Smith

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for your enthusiasm- an good info!

  3. George Sugarman

    Happy Birthday Chris! You are my hero!

  4. donnamacd

    I feel like such a kid! At 74 “old ears” (as my kids said when they were really young), I’ve picked a kedge – I’m training for a walking half marathon in November. Sigh… I was so normal before I read your book, Chris! Thank you from the bottom of a very grateful (and young) heart!

  5. Bob Alberts

    Better than the Energizer Bunny — keep on ticking, peerless leader!

  6. What a joy to read your 78th birthday blog! I am absolutely part of your YNY revolution. It changed my life and your blog leaves me feeling hopeful and excited about the next 20 years too!!! Keep up the good work. You are indeed an inspiration for so many of us!! And.. Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

  7. Sherrye Gibbs

    Happy Birthday, Chris … thank you for sharing your life and your enthusiasm for your life with all of us. We are all Younger because you have provided us with the inspiration.

  8. marty mathis

    Happy Birthday you Whippersnapper.

  9. Diane Harvey

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris! No need to add “and many more” that’s a Given!

  10. Fred Ousey

    Happy BIrthday Chris,
    I recently came onboard with your book and fitness philosposhy. It’s agame changer. I also bought ten books for my friends to help build a workout network with them.

    Today Decides Tomorrow……
    Fred / Owner / Age 57
    EnviroTech Services

  11. Nancy Flint Budde

    Happy Birthday! Well said and keep saying it!

  12. Jim Graves

    Happy Birthday Chris. As I recently turned 77, I will always be younger next year compared to you. LOL

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