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Total Immersion Week

Another great Total Immersion Week in Aspen. I so wish everyone could afford one of these weeks… they are such a kick in the pants. Great fun for the folks who come… really great fun for me and Hilary.  An intense week of “camp”… hiking in the amazing hills – with the Aspen trees in brilliant yellow. Lots of superb lectures from Bill Fabrocini and Riggs Klika (and a remote from Jen). We all go home, goggle eyed, thinner and with a deeper sense of how to do all this stuff.

Before we left, an amazing weekend in New York with Ranie, the Channel swimmer. She did a five and a half mile swim in the Hudson (with 400 other crazies)… then a weekend together on the town to celebrate. Sweet. Chris

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  1. Philista Almquist

    Chris, had a great time and plan on making the ‘last night’ meal for guests this Thursday. Is the basic recipe the pasta primavera that you share as a lunch in TTY with addition of chicken sausage and shrimp? Or is there another recipe that I am not seeing?

  2. Just read Younger Next Year. Terrific! Fortunately, for forty years I have been following your recommendations in that I have run since my teens, eat no red meat, have my wine. I run 4 days a week (average run is about 80 minutes but from time to time I go 120 minutes – and I run the hills – elevations about 600 to 800 feet), and do weights or P90X on the “off days”. I am seventy years old, 6 feet and 152 pounds. I have not run a fever in 34 years. My TCL is 119, LDL 44 and HDL 67. They have been in this range for years. That’s the good news, now for the bad:

    In 1999 at the Cooper Clinic I had great test results, save one. My calcium score was 238, so I was placed on Lipitor. A couple of months ago at UCLA I was retested: calcium score 538! Couldn’t believe it. Doc said to go on Crestor to lower LDL’s even more! 10mg of Crestor daily and three months later of living post-thumously, as Keats would have said, my LDLs are about the same, 42 and I am worried.

    My cardiologist says not to worry, that my exercise regimen is the best metric he has for my cardio health – I have a yearly stress test and go for about 20 minutes at a sprinting speed – but he warns that if ever I get to the point where I cannot exercise as vigorously as I do, to call him immediately (by that he means sudden exhaustion or chest pains – which, thankfully, I have never had so of course they won’t do an angiogram to really determine extent of plaque build-up).

    At any rate I am constantly worried about the possibility of stroking out or infarction and there seems to be little if anything I can to to improve things. I guess I’m suppose to go on my “happy” way, but I wouls really appreciate your opinion on all this. I would love your opinion on my real risks, given the information I have given. Also, as far as blood work goes, everything is perfect, c-reactive protein, creatine, you name it.

    O, nutrition: I eat no red meat (stopped the day I left the Cooper Clinic), and do eat fish, vegies, very little dairy, and enjoy a glass or two of wine each day. i try to keep “fat” below 10% of my caloric intake.

    Thank you for laboring through all this. Ashby Jones

    • Kate Hansen

      I am no expert, but I hope you have researched those drugs well, doesn’t seem like they do much of anything positive, lots of negatives. Have you read Esselstyns book? I think he sees patients still. Good luck!

      • Joseph horan MD

        While i agree that diet and exercise r essential to longevity, i would not dismiss the effect or potential benefit of cholesterol lowering medicines. Many patients r unable to effectively lower their bad cholesterol on dietary interventions alone and compared to the number of people who benefit the side effects are very few.

  3. Jan Jue

    Hi Chris, just read yny last month and starting on this new journey. My mom who is 91 lives with me she is a workaholic unlike me so now I know why is is as vital as she is. She gardens, cooks does laundry while I was pretty tired and took naps a lot until I read your book. Now I am much more energized. My mom doesn’t do a lot aerobics what do you suggest for her she seems to have arthritis but she excersizes in bed for 45 min before getting out.

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