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Jen and I in Florida and Mississippi on tour… headed to Raleigh Durham but ran for home to beat storm. Just.

Two great independent Book Stores in Miami and Jackson… Books and Books and John Evan’s Lemuria Books. John a major fan and he had a super cozy crowd. Jen and I ate it up… had fun.

Post storm magic in Lakeville: Sat in huge, new tub (latest massive indulgence) and watched the snow for, like, an hour. Pulled self together finally and went for long workout in barn (14 inches of snow up here…not as intense as Jen’s Boston)… then long XC ski jaunt. Joy. Today, went downhill skiing at small, local hill (Catamount) with pals and their kids. More Joy. Nice couple in ski line asks is I am me. Uh… I am. WELL… they were at recent appearance in Toronto…loved book. Saved lives. You’re our hero etc, etc. etc. All while standing in ski lift line.Sigh.

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  1. Chris Baron

    Can’t believe NO ONE commented on your coat! Obviously from the proceeds of YNY!

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