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We are no longer allowed to smoke cigars in New York City and a fine thing it is, too. BUT an old pal took me to a VERY fancy New York restaurant the other night, where we ate ourselves into an absolute tizzy.  When we were winding down, I asked for brandy, as old boys sometimes do.  The headwaiter was delighted and then asked if we’d like to slip off to a private room, up in the eaves of the building, for a cigar.  Could not resist.  So retro.  So excellent.  So appalling.  Disgusting Excess Lives! a teeny bit.”

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Chris Crowley


  1. sally ann fleming

    I love to see old boys enjoying being old boys. Good for you.

  2. Marty Mathis

    Looks to me like a limbic smorgasbord. Enjoy my friend.

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