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This comes under the broad heading of "Whining In Paradies" but I had to make a two-day/one-night, business trip to Bermuda over this weekend. Had to. And the trip raised, in a more pleasing context, the endless question of how to get exercise on a hectic business trip. Only this time, instead of a third rate gym in a second tier hotel, it was tennis on a nice court at the fancy club where they put me up. A neat little perk in one of the prettiest places on earth. Fine.

But here’s the mildly interesting thing: I ralleyed hard with a pro for an hour on each of two mornings (I barely play well enough to be able to ralley hard with someone trained to hit the ball directly to me) which was great fun. But at the end of each morning I felt as if I had been hit by a truck. Despite the fact that I am in decent shape. How come?

Explanation, I think: when you get a little older, you need to cross train more. I am in good biking and rowing shape, and I do weights. But the running/stop-and-go of tennis involves muscles and joints I haven’t used for a while and some of them were not having a nice day. By the end, I felt normal again (more pay off for staying in shape), but the dreary moral is the same: cross train more as you get older. And include a little jogging or jumping of some kind (lunges are probably a great idea) so that the idle parts won’t rot.

I am not sure of that so, if you have any experience, speak up.

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