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Getting in shape for Ride the Rockies

Starting (too late) to get in shape for Ride the Rockies in June. Went like this: 35 miles on Friday, 20 on Saturday, weights (mostly legs) on Sunday and sprints or intervals on Monday. Wonderful new gadget on bike that tells how steep the hills are. On Monday did three hills with a 7% grade (about as steep as most paved roads get), one 8% and one killer 10%. On that one got heart rate to 95% of max. And a “recovery rate”, if you know what that is, of 55 beats a minute. YIPPEE, SKIPPEE!  So it looks as if I won’t die doing RTR…. even if I am a bit slow. Riding with my beloved Denver God-son and his father. Oh boy! Discover that own driveway is a 10% grade! Gotta re-route that sucker before I get any older.


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  1. Kim grass

    Hey, what about those RTR/YNY jerseys??? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Kim grass

    We’ve been doing Look Out Mountain in Golden and the hills around the Arvada reservoir to prepare for the ride. Love my heart rate monitor!! It’s the first year I’ve used one and what a difference it makes. Thanks for “pushing” me to do it!!!!

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