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York, Pennsylvania

Spoke in York, Pennsylvania yesterday… fascinating experience. ON the dark side, York is the fourth fattest city in the country … and it looks it in places. BUT there were some amazing people who were fighting back. People who were seriously healthy in their own right and seriously into helping others get there. One amazing older woman (who had literally biked across the country, among a lot of other major achievements) is a sparkplug in this effort. Among other things, she has bought and passed out 250 COPIES OF YOUNGER NEXT YEAR, as part of her effort.  She is 70 now… looks 50. Full of beans and charm. As were several others in her community group. Pretty good day. Loved the day, loved them.

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Chris Crowley


  1. Victoria

    I’m in love with your book! My upcoming 60th birthday present to myself is to get in the best shape ever. I’ve used your book like a Bible and am so inspired! Thank you for this amazing book!

    I had to laugh about your post concerning York because we lived there until about 8 years ago. Agree that it is one of the fattest cities but just the greatest people and a wonderful place to raise our children. Now we live in Annapolis, MD and I want to start a YNY group here!

    • Chris Crowley

      I so hope it works well for you. Bet it does. Hey, it may even work some for York. There were some awfully keen people there. Nice, too, as you say Chris

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