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Limbic Treats

Hilly and I flew to Denver and back in two days, Sunday Monday (groan) to do a good pal’s birthday. I do too much traveling, but it was utterly  worth it. And  there was a sweet moment on the way home.

Going through security in Denver, I  see a sign: ‘If you were born before this date in 1937, you don’t have to take your shoes off for security.” Huh! That’s weird. Some one, in this odd bureaucracy has concluded that people over 75 are not going to blow up planes.  Probably true but how in the world do they reach such a conclusion? And why bother? Anyhow, I swanned through the metal detector with my shoes on and this young guard gives me a close look. Then: ‘You look pretty good.’   He didn’t exactly ask me to prove i was 75, but he nodded, as if to himself, and said again, “Not bad. Nice going.” Made my day. Next time I’m taking my shoes off anyway… makes me feel younger.”

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  1. Chris Crowley

    Hi Jim… one of the plusses of being an old guy. C

  2. Jim Graves

    I had the same experience going through security at JFK on the way to the UK. Had to show the guy my drivers license!

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