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All I can say is THANK YOU! And not for what you might think. I’m actually in good shape, not overweight and rarely sick. I don’t eat fast food, smoke or drink to excess. However my pilates instructor recommended your books and because I have always wanted to live way past 100, I decided to buy both of the immediately. I have just begun reading your book for women and now I know I am not crazy. All my life I have listened to my body (my mother told me to and it was her best advice). My body told me to eats lots of milk and red meat while growing up. It told me to stop in my late twenties, early thirties. In fact, a meat lover all my life, meat suddenly repulsed me. Then, when I turned 50,it told me on rare occasions to eat red meat again. It has told me what to take to feel better and what exercise. I am rarely sick and when I feel bad I concentrate and listen to my body – it is never wrong.

An avid swimmer (and for a time, roller skater), I started mountain bike riding in my early 40’s. I rode 150 miles a week – road riding when it was too rainy. I got dogs in my late forties and added the love of hiking. As I grow older, now I am 60, it is not telling me to exercise less but more and I have re-started yoga and begun pilates. I still ride but now only 90 miles a week. And, because I am a database developer (a sedentary occupation) I use exercise not only to get off my butt but clear my mind and solve problems. So now instead of thinking that I am an obsessed fanatic, I realize my body is sending me yet another message – move or decay. AND your book has given me hope. I no longer feel that my bike riding will probably be over in a few years. And my desire to start cross country skiing WILL be fulfilled (we just bought a house in Bend). I figured we maybe had 10 good years before we would probably have to give up quite a bit of our regular exercise regime, but apparently not! I am looking forward to many many more years of bike riding, hiking and skiing thanks to you

I feel younger already. And I know you get many thousands of emails and the odds of you reading this one are slim, but I needed to say this.

S. Harmon

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