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Jen in the West

Been touring ski towns, talking to big audiences. Sun Valley, Vail and Aspen. Jen joined us for the Aspen stop… Not a huge crowd (some pr screw ups I guess) but had great time showing her around. She is new to cross country skiing but went all the way up to the Maroon Bells… A steep 14 mile round trip. She is way strong, a serious athlete of course and fun. Excellent. Next week, on to Toronto. We are on tour, big time. And the stops in three ski towns were almost a legitimate part of it. The book is booming, thank heaven. Changing those pesky lives.
By the way, Jen was interesting about Fat Burning. At the end of that grueling 14 mile ski, she remarked that she was sure she was deep into fat burning mode. Her muscle enzymes had flipped into fat burning – as opposed to default glucose burning – at an early point in the climb. Fit people are double-blessed in that they switch into fat burning much earlier in an exercise piece…one of the deep advantages of getting fit. Chris

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  1. Stephen Christie

    Your Toronto stop should include a side trip to Collingwood, which is Ontario’s ski town. It is also where many active, outdoors-focused people (ie your taget audience) move to retire.

    If you end up here, I would be happy to give you some directions, or send/take you skiing at one of our clubs.

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