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I go to interesting places to talk but last week was over the top. I had an invite from a four star general at the U.S. Strategic Command in Omaha Kansas.
Dinner the night before at the general’s house…a charming 1904 house built when this place was a Fort. A rather quiet guy there who turns out was a vice admiral and former head of the submarine service. I was impressed. The general was called away to Washington at the last minute but his wife, a general in her own right, was electrifying… terrific.
Next morning, breakfast with Maj Gen Abe Turner, one of the most attractive guys I’ve ever met. 6’4″, black, 250 pounds and about as good company as you’re ever going to get.
Then, if you please, down into the General Command Center, deep underground, to see one of the great command centers for all kinds of stuff, in the world (they had to turn off about 200 TV screens so I could walk in for a minute). Then a talk to some 400 military and civilian folks. Pretty major fun.

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