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I like the holidays, i truly do. For example, I brought home a tree so vast that it took me three hours to get it into the house, and this is a big house. (Final answer: tie the boughs up with a strap and ratchet affair used to tie boats on top of cars. Next trick: getting it out again.) The whole house looks amazing…excellent backdrop for parties and excess.
But it is hard on your resolve. Lots and lots of parties…lots and lots of food…and oceans of booze. It is SO hard to be a good kid at this time of year.
My modest notion: hold on as best you can…cling desperately to the daily exercise regimen no matter what you eat and drink. And hold on for January when you can get back to yourself. Hardest thing: to keep self-loathing at bay. So, hey, it’s the holidays. You’re bound to go to hell a little bit. Just think of a good if minor kedge for the new year. So, Happy New Year…you’re a hell of a person even to have guilt at a busy time like this.

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