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Been leading agreeably insane life. Just back from two-day round trip to Tuscon for talk to engaging corporate group. Jen came from Boston, I from New York. Always such a treat when I can get her in on these deals. She is becoming a wonderful speaker; audiences love her, as do I.

Back home yesterday… dinner with Harry: boys’ night out. His close friendship is  one of the  central treats in my life. We agreed to do  a century bike ride this summer… a kedge.

BUT THE BIG NEWS  is that we are just putting  to bed the first issue of our great new venture… “Chris Crowley’s YOUNGER NEXT YEAR NEWSLETTER.” At the urging of some new, young pals at Eastern Harbor Media – a successful publisher of high end newsletters – we decided in August to give it a shot. And damned if they haven’t made it happen. The hired a bunch of great editorial people and others…we sweated out  the concept… I did a bunch of writing, with Jen, Bill Fabrocini and others … and now it’s real. And I must say, I am nuts about it.

A core realization: there really is a Younger Next Year movement out there. Because so darn many lives have been changed and so  many are deep into the new life. And it is a GOOD movement… good for the individuals and good for the whole darn country, which is in such awful need… with 2/3 if us overweight or obese, epidemic idleness, over a third with early diabetes, and  with heart diseases roaming the streets like lions,  killing one in two. It’s craziness, and there’s  no need for it at all. Sane behavior can change all of that profoundly. So, yeah, there’s a Movement out there, and we need to make it about a thousand times bigger and more powerful.  Our Newsletter is a huge step. Going to be fun, too.

The idea of the Newsletter is to do what the books cannot: keep track of new developments, go deeper into some topics, and try to keep up a drumbeat of effective motivation. And, frankly, to amuse. You’ll hear a lot more but it’s up and running, and we are as proud as can be. Take a peek when a promo piece comes your way.

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