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Press Release: Younger Next Year Launches New Subscription Based Monthly Newsletter

Press Release

Author of New York Times Bestseller Younger Next Year Launching Monthly Subscription-Based Newsletter

December 12, 2013

New York, N.Y.—Chris Crowley, co-author of the Younger Next Year and Thinner This Year book series is launching a monthly subscription newsletter in December. His monthly, eight-page newsletter will be an extension of his million-selling health and fitness books – and a wise companion to readers seeking a healthier life.

“There’s a limit to what books can do, “Crowley explains. “They’re a snapshot in time in the broad world of health, fitness, wellness, exercise and nutrition—big and changing all the time. Our idea is to keep track of what’s going on, to be a companion with you, to motivate you—tell you some tips to keep going, tell you what we’re doing, and tell you what others are doing to improve their lives.”

The legions of Crowley fans whose lives have been changed by Chris and his colleagues testify to effectiveness.  In his new newsletter, they will find the same fun, persuasive, useful advice that made his books so successful.  With advice, commentary, and reviews – supplemented by weekly email updates – the newsletter will regularly motivate readers to stay on track toward their health and fitness goals.

Younger Next Year draws on the very latest science of aging to show how men and women who are entering middle age can become functionally younger every year into their late fifties and beyond — and continue to live like fifty-year-olds until well into their eighties. They can learn to enjoy life more while becoming stronger, healthier, and more alert, staving off the normal decay associated with aging (weakness, sore joints, apathy), and eliminating most illness and potential injuries.

This is the real thing — a program that can work for everybody who wants a better life.

The first issue will appear in January, with health, diet and nutrition advice from Crowley’s Thinner This Year co-author, Jen Sacheck, Ph.D., a top nutritionist and physiologist on the Tufts University faculty and former All-American rower at Syracuse University; and exercise and fitness tips from Bill Fabrocini, a renowned sports trainer and physical therapist who has worked with such athletes as NBA MVP David Robinson, Grand Slam champion Martina Navratilova, , and numerous US Olympic athletes at his Aspen-based clinic.

Both print and digital subscriptions will be available on the Younger Next Year website, with special discounts and rewards for early subscribers.


To learn more about the Younger Next Year newsletter — or to arrange an interview with Chris Crowley, Jen Sacheck or Bill Fabrocini — please contact:

Allison Brito
37 West 17th St. Suite 3E
New York, NY 10011
Office: 1-888-617-2937
Mobile: 774-644-1087

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