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Off to Ireland and the snappy Royal College of Physicians in a few minutes… and a few days of fooling around, afterwards in Paris and London. But here’s a quick note, “from the road”, about last week, which was such a joy. People ask me if I don’t get whipped with all the travel and such, at me tender age. And the answer is You bet. But it is so worth it! Spoke in Vancouver, for example, on Tuesday. SUCH a wonderful city. And the lovely guy who hired me (a fancy guy with plenty oh his plate) met my plane, took me on a tour of the city… then lunch. Then rented bikes and biked around the amazing Stanley Park, one of the most beautiful, urban parks in the world. On to the talk to a hundred people who could not have been warmer or more into the whole thing. Such a kick. Then the host – whom I was nuts about – winds up by telling the crowd about our day and calls it one of the nice days in his recent life. Gee whiz. And I get paid for this.

Then on to L.A. This time, the start was a little odd. There was no hotel reservation… I am near Venice Beach, which I have heard about as an old hippy center, right  on the Pacific. I go to a funky hotel, go to my room. Which is surprisingly small and messy. And there is a naked guy lying in the bed. Hmm. I scramble out, get a cab and ask him to take me back to Marina Del Rey and the Ritz. My hippy days are apparently behind me. BUT the talk the next night was as sweet as the one in Canada. Such a treat. Such a life. Not bad.

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