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The Pelicans!

Hilly and I flew down to Florida (a one day round trip for me) to wish her parents a HAPPY 60TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY last night. Not bad. Ken (see pic) is a particular treat for me. He has long refused to do the YNY stuff and pays a teeny price for it (can barely walk, which is so God-awful.) . BUT he continues to be cognitively himself (at 92) and is lovely, funny company. I learned last night that, as a young man, he had been a hell of a skier…learned in St. Anton, Austria where I learned. If I’d known that 25 years ago, I’d have dragged him back there…carve up the hills. He loved St. Anton, as did I. Then, by heaven, I’d have made him exercise and we’d be out biking together now. Yup.
He was in WWII in submarines for a while. So scary. Good guy. And he was a diplomatic courier, literally walking over the Khyber Pass into Afghanistan in the 1940s and 50’s. Wow.
– Chris

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