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In general, people over 50 are not going to get into races of any kind and I don’t blame them. Our object is to get in decent shape and live decent lives, not to become athletes, at this late stage. But there is something to be said, ever so quietly, for the idea of getting into a race once in a while. Sculling Camp has a race on the last day and you cannot help but be excited. It rained HARD just before the race (3,000 meter) and almost hard all during the race which completely flummoxed me. Anyhow, I finished an appalling 31 out of 40…so shaming. But it was a wonderfully intense moment. My only flaw: I forgot every single word of advice to which I had listened so intently for a week and just flailed away, as fast as I could for 15 minutes. Well, hell, that’s easy to fix. Wait until next year.

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