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I heard about your book a couple of years ago when listening to The Fish
radio station in Atlanta. I picked up a copy and as I read it, I realized
that my dad, Hulin Robert, has lived this book!! He was a single dad,
raising 5 kids (really 7, but 2 were already out of the house). Everyday,
he’d be up at 5am going for a run, or a bike ride. If he didn’t get up
early, he’d go when he came home from work. People who follow your book
will have stories like his, so I thought I’d share a couple with you.

About 5 years ago, at 80, he was riding his bike when he felt a pain in his
chest. He stopped riding and the pain stopped. He started riding and the
pain started. So, he called 911 and abandoned his bike to the care of
friends. He ended up with a few stints. Several weeks after getting out of
the hospital, he was called about doing physical therapy. Dad asked what
that involved and they said they put him on a treadmill to walk. He asked
what else? They said that was it, and he replied that he’d just ridden 80
miles in the MS Tour for Cure, so he didn’t think he needed to walk on the
treadmill. They agreed and hung up.

Next week, my dad will be having a Triple A repair. They’ve been watching
this aneurysm for 20 years. Unfortunately, the location prevents a stint
being possible, so the surgery will be serious. He found out that he’d need
surgery the day before leaving for Steamboat to go cross country skiing.
The Dr. said he may as well go because it could burst just as easily when
sitting on the sofa watching tv. He had a great trip!

The original surgery date was in March and I went with him for his pre-op
stuff. They asked him what sort of medical equipment he had at home…
oxygen? A walker? Anything? He thought for a minute and responded “I’ve
got my trekking poles and my skis.” They asked if he already had a handicap
tag for his car? My response was “Are you kidding? He parks as far away as
possible just to get more exercise!” They were amazed because they don’t
see very many 85 year olds in as great shape as my dad.

On the other hand, my mother – a smoker, can’t walk to her mailbox without
getting out of breath. She thinks exercise is a bad word and she has
nothing that she’ll commit and care about.

I’m grateful to your book for giving me the tools I need to follow in my
dad’s footsteps rather than my mom’s. I’m about to be 45 and it’s tough
trying to get in my 45 minutes every day. Some weeks are good, others
aren’t. But at least I have a goal. I also have to “quit eatting crap”.
Unfortunately, I really like crap!

Anyway, I thank both you and Harry for writing the books. I’ve shared it
with others and they like it too. You are an inspiration! Good luck with
your talk, and I hope you get off the crutches soon.

With warm regards,

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  1. Jennifer Willhite

    Great story! Now I really can’t wait to read this book. Thank you for sharing!

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