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I hired a personal trainer last year when I turned 50. It was the best several hundred bucks I ever spent. I was slim, but not fit. I could hardly do 5 mins on the treadmill and had zero energy – in fact I felt slightly depressed and blue. Fast forward to this birthday – 51. I am very fit, muscular, still slim (YIPPEE) and I feel like a million bucks. My ‘Old Fred’ (who is not so old at 44 but had the blood chemistry of an old unfit guy) and I joined the Y – he has lost 22 pounds and he who never did an athletic thing in his life has met lots of new friends and goes to circuit, boot camp, and cycle fit classes. Really helps with his air traffic controller high stress job. He and a couple of his new gym buds even get together to play some guitar once or so a week. Bonus!
My attitude toward life is terrific, and I am one happy camper – even with the threat of menopause staring me in the face. I used to really worry about menopause but now I feel so strong that I will just deal with whatever happens and excercise even more. I just bought your YNY for W book last week….read it in two days and was thrilled to see all the things that have happened to me over this last year have happened to others and that I can keep going at this until I go “over the falls”. I have ordered YNY for my dear ‘Old Fred’ who is a terrific companion in this adventure and a source of constant encouragement. Today he told me that when we were at core boot camp class this a.m., he was watching me do some of the excersises and that I looked ‘hot’. Hot at 51, and not meaning hot flashes!! Life is great!!
Thank you so much for writing a terrific book. I wouldn’t have believed it unless it had already happened to me. What a fabulous way to live life. YIPPEE! Get out there!!!!!
Sue U

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