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Old Boys at Play

I worry that too many people, in retirement, get bone idle and their life goes to hell. I know you have to maintain a balance… that “the margin for error shrinks” as you get older. But I still say, err on the side of doing stuff!

So here’s some boasting about the vigorous life, in the Deep Third Act.

Yesterday, went for a three mile row in the good old single scull. (SUCH a perfect work out.) Then to New York to meet Jeremy, my partner in writing The Younger Next Year Back Book. Lovely (slightly bibulous) dinner at my favorite, ELIO’s on upper Second Avenue. Planned our life together (including a ridiculously optimistic scheme to revive the Younger Next Year Retreats, which we both adore).

Today, down to old law firm to use an office to do telephone interviews all day, to promote the new book. It’s an intense day… a new interview every fifteen minutes, for much of the day. But cat-nip for someone like me. Interesting and challenging to get the essence of the book across – with some passion – in a few minutes.

Tonight, meet with Jeremy again.

Tomorrow, go to doc to see if Ablation operation worked on the dear old Atrial Fibrillation. Huge deal.

Wednesday, more interviews and dinner with sponsors of a talk.

Thursday, talk to a group of senior execs who have been looking forward to this for months. This is a real performance, and one has to be ready…and deliver. Then, by heaven, fool around and work out, the next few days.

AND do all one can to promote the new book.
Which is an absolute beauty, by the way…the best thing in this huge field.

There you go: still sitting up and looking very much like a human being, even at this late stage. I cannot maintain this pace forever, any more, but for a while.

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  1. Kim Flodin

    Lovely to see you looking well and at it, Chris!

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