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How Women Over 50 Can Start Living Younger

How women over 50 can start living youngerChris & Harry chat with Katie Couric once again… This time on the topic of Younger Next Year for Women.

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  1. Bonnie Cochran Bence

    Dear Chris, I wrote to you about 7 years ago. You quoted me in the paperback version of Younger Next Year for Women. I picked up the book because my dad always told me :We have to get old but we do not have to rot.” Dad had just died. He was out jogging at 90. He ran right up to heaven I am certain. Between your inspiration and Dad’s I have been quite motivated. At 70, I hope to get in my 8th Boston Marathon this year. I began running at age 61.(Shortly after reading the book) For the last 8 years I have been working out almost every day. I run, swim, spin and do weights. I retired in June after teaching for 45 years. I felt great but have a couple elderly family member who need my help. This is certainly more stressful than teaching but my workouts put me in the right frame of mind. Thank you for your inspiration. I am reading the new book by the nutritionist. My weight is great but I like to make healthy choices for my husband and myself to continue : Getting Younger! Thanks for making a difference in so many lives. I have given many many copies of your book to friends. Sincerely Bonnie Cochran Bence

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